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Others Verbianyi, Vasl - Kushnyr, Vasiliy
16:25 (Others)
Others Krivoy, Ivan - Treschetka, Mykolay
16:25 (Others)
Others Polosa, Maksym - Kasianov, Tymofii
16:20 (Others)
Others Treshchetka, Mykola - Michalus, Alexander
15:50 (Others)
Others Danilyuk, Nazar - Kovalchuk, Nazarii
15:50 (Others)
Others Rusin, Dmytro - Panichev, Eduard
15:45 (Others)
Others Kushnyr, Vasiliy - Hordii, Andrii
15:15 (Others)
Others Kryvyi, Ivan - Matcyk, Andrey
15:15 (Others)
Others Panichev, Eduard - Polosa, Maksym
15:10 (Others)
Others Volokhov, Vladislav - Tytyunnik, Oleksii
15:05 (Others)
Others Krutko, Oleksii - Boiko, Serhii
15:00 (Others)
Soccer Smolevichy - FC Isloch
15:00 (Soccer)
Others Verbianyi, Vasl - Kovalchuk, Nazarii
14:40 (Others)
Others Rusin, Dmytro - Troianov, Mykyta
14:35 (Others)
Others Puhach, Prokhor - Dereha, Ruslan
14:30 (Others)
Others Cibulin, Sergey - Telnoi, Mykola
14:25 (Others)
Others Troianov, Mykyta - Kasianov, Tymofii
14:00 (Others)
Others Fashchevskiy, Ivan - Kubrak, Serhii
13:55 (Others)
Others Pysmennyi, Yevhen - Mai, Ivan
13:50 (Others)
Others Counter Strike: G2 Esports - FaZe Clan
17:00 (Others)
Soccer Neman Grodno - Vitebsk
17:00 (Soccer)
Others SportsCenter
14:00 (Others)
Others DOTA 2: - Flytomoon
14:00 (Others)
Others Counter Strike: Mousesports - OG
13:00 (Others)
Others SportsCenter
14:00 (Others)
Others SportsCenter
14:00 (Others)
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Please note: the list of the broadcasts and streams can be updated until the start of the game. Many broadcasts are announced 6-45 minutes before their start and some of them even several hours before the start.

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