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Tennis Paquet, Chloe - Galfi, Dalma
15:25 (Tennis)
Soccer AC Milan (Weeman) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports
12:28 (Soccer)
Tennis Clarke, Jay - Kolar, Zdenek
15:09 (Tennis)
Others Gilliland, Chris - Haines, Johnny
12:50 (Others)
Soccer LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports - AC Milan (Weeman) Esports
13:38 (Soccer)
Tennis Kononova, Maria - Krug, Ava
15:57 (Tennis)
Soccer Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports
13:10 (Soccer)
Soccer AC Milan (Weeman) Esports - Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports
14:06 (Soccer)
Others Haines, Johnny - Scutt, Connor
13:25 (Others)
Soccer LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports - SL Benfica (Critic) Esports
13:24 (Soccer)
Others Grishaev, Evgeny - Slashchilin, Alexey
12:15 (Others)
Soccer Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports - PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports
13:38 (Soccer)
Soccer PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports - SL Benfica (Critic) Esports
12:56 (Soccer)
Others Gilliland, Chris - Collins, Rob
14:15 (Others)
Soccer Paris SG (Raticate 522) Esports - Wolverhampton Wanderers (Trader FC) Esports
15:45 (Soccer)
Soccer AC Milan (Weeman) Esports - SL Benfica (Critic) Esports
13:10 (Soccer)
Soccer LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports - PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports
13:52 (Soccer)
Others Owen, Robert - Gilliland, Chris
13:40 (Others)
Others Vologzhanin, Vladimir - Selkin, Vladimir
14:30 (Others)
Tennis Pel, D/Qureshi, A - Gengel, M/Machac, T
15:45 (Tennis)
Tennis Carballes Baena, Roberto - Majchrzak, Kamil
13:49 (Tennis)
Soccer SL Benfica (Critic) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports
12:14 (Soccer)
Soccer PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports - AC Milan (Weeman) Esports
12:14 (Soccer)
Others Maksakov, Sergey - Tikhnenko, Dmitry
15:15 (Others)
Others Scutt, Connor - Owen, Robert
14:35 (Others)
Soccer PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports
12:42 (Soccer)
Tennis Trungelliti, Marco - Monteiro, Thiago
15:53 (Tennis)
Others Adams, Martin - Collins, Rob
13:05 (Others)
Soccer PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports - Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports
12:28 (Soccer)
Others Poletaev, Igor - Grishaev, Evgeny
13:15 (Others)
Others West Indies (W) - South Africa (W)
16:00 (Others)
Others Scutt, Connor - Adams, Martin
12:15 (Others)
Soccer SL Benfica (Critic) Esports - Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports
13:52 (Soccer)
Others Collins, Rob - Owen, Robert
12:30 (Others)
Soccer SL Benfica (Critic) Esports - PSV Eindhoven (Carlwhizzer) Esports
14:06 (Soccer)
Soccer Ajax Amsterdam (Void) Esports - SL Benfica (Critic) Esports
12:42 (Soccer)
Tennis Balaji, N.S/Moriya, H - Cerretani, J/Fallert, F
14:31 (Tennis)
Tennis Tomova, Viktoriya - Mintegi Del Olmo, Ane
15:25 (Tennis)
Others Haines, Johnny - Adams, Martin
14:00 (Others)
Tennis Llewellyn, Sophie - Darley, Cheri
15:11 (Tennis)
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Current date: 17 September, Friday
2 Carballes Baena, Roberto - Majchrzak, Kamil

16 September at 13:49
2 Clarke, Jay - Kolar, Zdenek

16 September at 15:09
2 Trungelliti, Marco - Monteiro, Thiago

16 September at 15:53
2 Kononova, Maria - Krug, Ava

16 September at 15:57
2 Tomova, Viktoriya - Mintegi Del Olmo, Ane

16 September at 15:25
2 Balaji, N.S/Moriya, H - Cerretani, J/Fallert, F

16 September at 14:31
2 Paquet, Chloe - Galfi, Dalma

16 September at 15:25
2 Pel, D/Qureshi, A - Gengel, M/Machac, T

16 September at 15:45
2 Llewellyn, Sophie - Darley, Cheri

16 September at 15:11

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